An Ideal Den for Exhibits & Displays

The new Nayyara Exhibition & Convention Center features the most spectacular, open and customer-friendly exhibition areas in the Kingdom. It comprises of a 4000-square metre space of continuous exhibition space, nearly column-free, making Nayyara one of the largest contiguous exhibition halls in Saudi Arabia. Taking advantage of Nayyara's space will make sure your event has more impact as exhibitors are given virtually unlimited booth structure possibilities. Thus, exhibits can be set up in different configurations, providing more flexibility and more options for dedicated exhibit areas. Nayyara exhibit halls can accommodate any sized-event, thereby giving both attendees and exhibitors a superior experience every step of the way.

A flexible, spacious, and technologically-advanced exhibition facility is available at the Nayyara Exhibition & Convention Center, including a multi-purpose auditorium, general assemblies, and presentation areas that can accommodate as many as 2500 people. Other features Nayyara offers are mobile screens, digital sound systems, fast internet access, paging systems, personal butlers, and more.

Note that exhibitions held at Nayyara must be confined to special products that are not publicly open to all. Conducting exhibits is done through two options:

Option 1

Nayyara will handle the entire exhibition organisation process for a specialised product (such as antique items, rare watches and jewellery, sports cars, branded and designer clothes, art and paintings, and other precious displays). This option gives Nayyara the freedom to invite exhibitors to participate in the exhibition it is hosting. Nayyara sends out invitations for such high-profile exhibitions to a range of willing participants, including both local, reputable ones to top international companies.

Option 2

Nayyara will rent out the exhibition center and hall to a company interested in conducting an exhibition of its products. Under this option, the exhibiting company is given the liberty to facilitate its workshop in the manner that it desires, with Nayyara providing any incidental support that the exhibiting company may require.

Exhibit Advantages

  • Column-free exhibit space to house your entire show on a single floor
  • Three exhibit halls that can be used in different configurations to segment your event by product category, industry, or activity
  • High ceilings to accommodate your large and full-size exhibits.
  • Utility services conveniently provided from in-floor boxes to maximise exhibitor's convenience
  • Customise the floor according to your needs.