Corporate Conferences and Concerts

Conferences: Where Your Visions Become Reality

At Nayyara, two interconnected exhibition and/or conference halls, offering flexible seating and decoration arrangements, are available for hosting your event. As these halls are quite spacious, they can be tailored to suit your needs by installing divisions to create the ideal segments required to fit a given event. Conference halls are supported by all modern audio-visual equipment, including video, overhead and slide projectors, large screens, a simultaneous interpreting system, video recorders, cordless microphones, exhibition stands, and wireless networks for Internet and email access in different places. These will be available according to how you organise your congresses, seminars, symposia, meetings, presentations and other similar fora at Nayyara.

Our Conference Halls are set to accommodate such gatherings, either held concurrently or independently, and poster displays. We provide the relevant support and required assistance insofar as conference services are concerned.

With its versatile design and layout, the Conference Center of Nayyara combines first class standards of comfort and service with the latest technology in a prestigious and strategic location. It can satisfy the subtlest requirements of the most sophisticated and advanced conferences, accommodate relevant seminars and symposia, and host, simultaneously or independently, exhibitions and poster sessions.

In addition, Nayyara has a Conference Department comprised of a team that combines knowledge, professionalism, and consistency, with the expertise of highly skilled personnel and executive staff tasked to organise meetings and conferences aided by specific conference management software. The department is available to facilitate functions relevant to conference organisation such as marketing, budgeting, advertising, scientific and social programming, and registration.

As we at Nayyara recognise your event has unique requirements, we are ready to meet each and every one of them - from accommodating multiple-track conferences with many simultaneous sessions to satisfying speaker requirements and presentation logistics.

Meeting Advantages

  • Organise meeting rooms however required
  • More included telecom and AV amenities for higher customer satisfaction
  • Record your educational and meeting sessions easily and cost-effectively
  • Get faster and more efficient services from back-of-house service corridors
  • Capitalise on in-room advertising and information campaign opportunities
  • Impress your VIPs — private suites available for special meetings/functions

Corporate Events: We Are Here to Serve

Branding and incorporating marketing plans are integral parts of a successful exhibition program or special event. Nayyara takes pride in having services and plans resulting from thorough assessment and study of what is best for you. At Nayyara, we recognise the value of infusing excellence with corporate functions by providing you with any logistic and administrative assistance you may require, from venue to food preparation.

We truly aspire to give you the standard that you deserve by working hand-in-hand with you to make your event not only successful, but also special.