Nayyara will be launching one of the biggest events specialising in weddings with universal participation, the Wedding Exhibition 2013, which will provide ample investment opportunities for local and international companies alike.


The Twelfth International Wedding Exhibition will be held in Riyadh from April 28 to May 1, 2013 at the Nayyara Center, with major companies and brands from Italy, England, Spain, France, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Turkey, Lebanon, Kuwait, Bahrain, and India all participating.

This year’s exhibition, which is the largest gathering in the wedding and fashion worlds, will showcase major local and international companies providing the latest innovations and products, with carefully selected bridal gown designers and specialists in fashion and accessories, cosmetics, beauty centers, perfumes, and organisers of concerts and Kush weddings, in addition to experts in cakes and chocolates, flower coordinators, professionals in sound effects, lighting, entertainment, and travel and tourism.

This exhibition also provides excellent investment opportunities for contract deals between interested businessmen and -women.

Honoured sponsors: Gelnar, Haya Fashion, Rolls-Royce

Co-sponsors: Maison du Joel, Panorama Women, W Magazine, Media Communication.

Technical Sponsor: Intelligent Media

Radio Sponsor: U FM Radio