Nayyara Banqueting and Conferences Centre Accredited HACCP Achievement Certification of International Standards

Nayyara recently received the international food quality and safety certificate HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) from the Crystal International Company for the year 2019.

Nayyara has contracted with Crystal International Company - a company specialized in food quality and safety - to check on monthly basis all the manufacturing stages starting from vendors, raw material receiving, warehouse storing and food processing till the final stage of high-end service provided to its customers.

Crystal International Company reviews and audit digitally all stages of food processing, and after which includes nearly 250 points are controlled to provide healthy food for customers.
After a rigorous digital inspection process of all stages of food processing for more than 250 inspection point, the Crystal International Company confirmed that Nayyara facility satisfactorily meets all the HACCP food safety and quality assurance requirements; providing safe and healthy foods for its customers.
Many training courses and workshops held by Crystal International Company to Nayyara’s employees with regard to basics of food safety, HACCP training for all stages of food processing, in addition to the kitchen water safety program and the general safety program of the facility.
Receiving the HACCP Certificate and meet all the food safety and quality assurance requirements from Crystal International Company, making Nayyara banqueting, conference, and exhibition the first catering company to receive the certification in Riyadh.

“We are proud of this achievement and to be the first ever catering company to receive this HACCP Certificate in Riyadh. We are striving to be the customers’ trusted first choice, we invest in food safety by achieving HACCP Certification and willingness achieve the highest standards of quality to maintain the safety and satisfaction of our customers,” said Ziyad Al-Twaijri, CEO of Nayyara.
Mr. Ziyad Al-Twaijri, Nayyara CEO received the HACCP achievement Certificate from Mr. Mohammed Ali, Deputy Operations Manager of Crystal International Company, wishing success and progress to Nayyara.